Our 19th Anniversary

Tony sent me flowers and chocolate!




Two boxers are better than one!

That’s right!! Two boxers are better than one! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Charleston this past weekend. It started with a visit with Jammer, which, we were so pleased with! He is just beautiful and he has that big, bold, and beautiful boxer stance. He is exactly what we were looking for! What we didn’t plan on was TWO boxers!! We knew that we wanted a white boxer and at first we wanted one with a patch on one eye. Then, Jammer absolutely stole our hearts right away. On this trip to Charleston though, Jammer’s little sister also stole our hearts with her kisses and outright friendliness! We also believe that it would be good for them to have a playmate their own size rather than our 8 year old little, and I do mean little (about 4 lb.) silky!
So, I introduce to you, Kiwi, our darling little baby girl boxer:)