Beach days…

IMG_0506  Kolby & JakeIMG_0505IMG_0504IMG_0502IMG_0503IMG_0514

After the fun in the sun, we went to Bubba Gumps Seafood Restaurant in Charleston!


This picture was taken on the way to the beach but this is exactly what they did on the way home too!IMG_0501IMG_0500


Edisto’s first visit to Edisto Beach!

It was a great day. The funniest part was at the beach when Edi wallered (Is that a word? It is in the south!) Anyway, he wallered in the sand and I think he may have dug half way to China! Unfortunately, I was so busy with him and trying to not die from the heat to take the time to take a picture of him at the beach. Needless to say, he slept all the way home in his kennel.

Time to come home…

Our teens left a trail of Christ honoring impressions on their travels.

(The following is from our youth pastor’s fb post)

Before we exited our plane in Atlanta the flight attendant made an announce that went something like this: we want to thank Lakeside Baptist church’s youth group for traveling with Southwest Airlines. It was a privilege to serve a group of sharp young people who were in Wyoming this past week on a missions trip. Have a safe trip home to North Augusta. — We make an impression everywhere we go.


Also, our group had the opportunity to witness to a few people on the flight. Bro. Ray lead a man to the Lord on the way there and a few others of our group witnessed and saw souls accept Christ on the flight home. Praise God!